About Scotland

With its dramatic and ever-changing scenery, Scotland has a fascinating history which has inspired generations of travellers.

Scotland’s stunning landscape is rich in history. The many castles, which shelter in the rolling border hills, are reminders of struggles with English raiders. Ruins and settlements throughout the nation were once the seats of a thriving Celtic culture, which can be uncovered still today. The romantic appeal of this mythology is matched by the craggy splendour of historic glens, where noble clansmen once fought fierce battles.

From enigmatic standing stones to ancient castles, our ancestors left behind remnants of their lives which proudly tell their story. Most of this compelling beauty is easily accessible, with excellent rail links to the north and west and a network of quiet roads all over the country. No matter how you choose to travel in Scotland, one thing we can guarantee is a breathtaking view along the way.

There are castles, houses, lochs, museums, glens and gardens all waiting to be explored. Scotland’s unique craft industries are open to all too – choose from cashmeres and tartans, glass and silverware, or discover one of the many distilleries delighted to open their doors to curious and thirsty visitors. Scotland’s towns and cities all offer unique attractions of their own. Along Fife’s East Neuk and up to Aberdeen and beyond, a series of fishing ports, rocky cliffs and sheltered beaches offer the pleasures of the seaside. To the west is Glasgow, home to great art collections and museums, and in the north, you’ll discover Perth and Inverness, vibrant centres of Highland culture for generations.

The home of golf, St. Andrews, is a historic seaside town just an hour’s drive from Edinburgh’s city centre.


Scotland’s capital city, for many, needs no introduction. Globally famed for the Edinburgh Festivals, it boasts an impeccable combination of history and culture; it’s a city of traditions and a gateway to the rest of Scotland. With its mix of bustling city scenes and tranquility, Edinburgh is a tourist hotspot, but it is also so much more.

It’s a city of innovation and enlightenment. Edinburgh is a world leader in a variety of sectors from life sciences to the creative industries, so let the city inspire you.

Edinburgh is a city of contrasts, from hills to shore. The city is steeped in history, boasting an impressionable combination of historic and modern buildings against an architecturally stunning backdrop. Medieval buildings share the pavements with striking modern structures, centuries old craftsmanship rubs shoulders with cutting edge fashion and the peoples of the world mingle in the city’s original pubs and contemporary restaurants to create a truly dynamic capital city. Its magnificent architecture shifts from the lofty buildings of its medieval Old Town, as they tumble down the spine of the Royal Mile, to the grace of the Georgian New Town. Above it all, in its towering splendour, stands the globally renowned Castle. A historic playground, alleyways reveal ancient courtyards and wynds which open up a new panorama.

Yet, within this sweeping elegance is a compact and bustling city. Above all, it’s a city which rewards every visitor and is guaranteed to take your breath away.

We look forward to welcoming you to Auld Reekie.